assignment sheet for business memo

assignment sheet for business memo - scores, their...

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                             Assignment Sheet – Business Memo Scenario : You work for a regional bank in the Human Resources Department. One of your duties is hiring  college interns. You do routine credit checks on these interns and know that many of them carry  student loan debt and are struggling financially. The bank, like many other employers, requires a  sufficiently high credit score before it will hire an employee on a permanent basis. You want to  help the college interns to raise their credit scores to increase their chances of getting hired as  regular employees. The Assignment :   Write a 3-4 page memo to the college interns employed at your bank to inform them about credit 
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Unformatted text preview: scores, their importance, and measures they can take to raise their scores. The information is available at (see the Education tab). Remember to use your best writing practices including a direct style, conciseness, lists where appropriate, and sufficient white space to make the document easy to scan. The content must still be comprehensive, and grammar, style, and punctuation must be correct. Follow the memo format in the text but please double space. Use a 12-point font. The hard-copy assignment is due at the beginning of class. Questions? Please e-mail me....
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assignment sheet for business memo - scores, their...

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