BUS 499 MOD 3 CASE - Trident University International BUS...

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“Trident University International” BUS 499 Integrative Project Module Three Case Study Duke University Children’s Hospital William C. Feller Professor Dr. Lamer How to make Duke Children’s Hospital get along In this case I will show how Duke Children’s Hospital was able to obtain a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) by aligning shareholders, clinicians and administrators. What process they used to achieve these results and reducing overall costs to the hospital, driving down costs and improving patient care. We will cover the changes in business process and its effect on employees, customers and shareholders, then evaluate the overall effectives of the BSC and whether Duke Children’s Hospital did an effective job or not. Before we try to understand the process we must review the cause. In 1996 Duke Children’s Hospital (DCH) was in a financial crisis as patient load was climbing and Medicaid payments were falling off, as expenses per patient went from $10,500.00 per case in 1993 to over $14,889.00 in 1996. They were looking at programs and services being cut out of the budget. As staff production had fallen off, as well as staff and patient satisfaction being at an all time low. How did medicine become so challenged? It started with a shift in health care drivers. Previously the only real driving force was clinical quality-health care was all about quality outcomes. Doctors and other clinical staff were key players in the health care business, and as revenues decreased and expenses increased this is where the shift came along and financial performance became the dominant driver in health-care. (Jon N Meliones, 2001)
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BUS 499 MOD 3 CASE - Trident University International BUS...

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