ETH 501 Case 2 - Case 2 Should Patricia Dunn have been...

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Case 2: Should Patricia Dunn have been forced to resign? 2/6/2010 Patricia Dunn, the Chairman for HP was forced to resign her position because of her involvement with spying on the directors’ personal phone records. She did this by using private investigators who engaged in an act called pretexting, a word I was not aware of until this assignment. Be we are all very familiar with identity theft, pretexting is just another word for that. What I will try to answer in this essay is “Should Patricia Dunn have been forced to resign?” Being in the military for five years now I am very command driven, meaning I know who is in charge and I am given exact orders to follow. This creates a culture where you look to your leaders for hard decisions, when they make a wrong decision it reflects badly upon them whether they meant it or not. I feel the same should be true for corporate America. Patricia Dunn had a responsibility to herself, her company’s reputation, and her employees to make the right decision not break their trust and use sensitive information for her own personal information. An employer has a responsibility to protect an employee’s privacy and sensitive information at all costs. Also when a person is hired by a company they enter into a contract of employment which gives rise to certain rights, responsibilities and duties on both the employee and the employer (this almost defines deontological ethics). I’d like to start out by defining pretexting and then try to get into the issue at hand. Pretexting is essentially lying to get information that you want, or to get someone to do something you want them to do. In this case, it is likely that the private investigator called the telephone companies pretending to be the customer and asked for a copy of the telephone records. The PI was undoubtedly provided personal information from the HP employee database to obtain these records in a fraudulent way. They lied to get the information that they desired. I don’t believe that this is any way justified and I think it almost
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ETH 501 Case 2 - Case 2 Should Patricia Dunn have been...

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