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Touro University International OPM 300 Module 3 Case Assignment: I. Introductory After the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001 many companies who relied upon just-in-time inventory practices, found themselves in crisis due to their supply chain inventory being disrupted. One particular company directly affected by this calamity was the Chrysler Corporation. As the disruption of critical parts and supplies threatened to cripple its assembly line their plant’s and production capabilities where threaten creating a whole new level of anxiety. But when the system is working as designed, it will reduce over all cost associated with warehousing, quality problems as a result of merchandise being stagnant, and I will talk about the Global Operations Management issues brought to light by the Chrysler Corporation. II. Body The philosophy of just-in-time inventory systems relies heavily upon getting the right quantity of goods to the right place, at the right time. It is designed to eliminate waste in promote a broader operations view with it simplistic design and level of flexibility. By incorporation the “JIT approach, warehousing cost can be greatly diminished eliminating the need of purchasing and maintaining a storage facilities large
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OPM 300 MOD 3 CA - Touro University International OPM 300...

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