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Opm 300 Module1 Slp - in Texas and visit Walmart in Georgia...

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Walmart Walmart is the leading organization in running a successful chain of discount stores not only in the United States but overseas as well. The store founder was Mr. Sam Walton. The store sells articles such as toys, clothing, hardware, electronics, gardening items, furniture, linens, groceries and just about anything you could possibly need to include dining at your convenience. You can rest assure that if you leave home with a certain item in mind to buy, most likely you will find it in a Walmart Store. The quality of their products for the most part is fair for the amount of money you purchase it for. Walmart buys cheap and sells their products at discount prices. Most of their products are made overseas, China etc. Walmart has stores in approximately forty states and has stores internationally in places such as; Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Puerto Rico. Walmart pretty much has the same layout in the store everywhere you go. If you visit a Walmart
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Unformatted text preview: in Texas and visit Walmart in Georgia, you will notice that the store layout is very much the same, every department whether it is clothing, electronics, food, they will be located in the same general area as the other stores. This is a plus for the customer as he or she knows exactly where to look for what ever they want regardless of the location they might find themselves at. This company has been heavily critiqued for paying it’s employees low wages, they have also been accused of trying to influence their employers when election time arrives in favor of a certain political party. I personally don’t see that. All I see is a Walmart greeter with a happy smile in his or her face offering me a flyer or cart for a friendly enjoyable shopping experience. For the most part their staff from what I have observe like what they do and are very professional. I have never had a bad experience in Walmart, they must be doing something good....
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