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1 MGCR 222 - Introduction to Organizational Behaviour Fall 2011 - Sections 001 and 002 INSTRUCTORS: Professor Christine Bataille & Course Counselors LECTURE: 001 Mon 10:05-11:25 Bronfman 151 002 Mon 11:35-12:55 Bronfman 151 OFFICE HOURS Mon 3:15 to 4:30 Bronfman 316 or by appointment ( [email protected] ) INTERACTIVE CLASSES: (All interactive classes are held in Bronfman 011) Note: Interactive classes are mandatory . You must attend your assigned class only. Course Objectives Organizational Behaviour is an interdisciplinary field that draws on anthropology, sociology, economics, psychology and political science to understand what people do, think, and feel in organizations. In this course, we will explore several topics that are essential to managing and leading today’s complex organizations: motivating others, improving decision making, working in teams, managing conflict and communicating effectively. Learning about these and other fundamental areas of OB will help you become effective in any organizational environment, whether local or global, where information is incomplete, and there is no one right way to lead or manage. Deciding which approach or practice is best in a given situation requires you to think critically, work collaboratively, and act imaginatively yet realistically. Our goal in this course is to provide you with a solid foundation to develop these skills as you prepare to take your place in the world’s leading organizations. Section Day Time Course Counselors 003 Tues 10:05-11:25 Thomas Kontogianis & Easton Sheahan-Lee 004 Tues 11:35-12:55 Liya Adessky & Alexandre Chadi 005 Tues 13:05-14:25 Chloe Aucoin & Robert Griffin 006 Tues 14:35-15:55 Emma Noble & Simon Blanchette 007 Tues 16:05-17:25 Yina Zhou & Sean Kavanagh 061 Tues 18:05-19:25 Jack Kontopoulos & Madeleine Erola-Channen 008 Thurs 08:35-09:55 Christine Yang & Elodie Favier Bouchard 009 Thurs 10:05-11:25 Emma Bambrick & Umar Rizvi 010 Thurs 11:35-12:55 Pedram Navid-Azarbaijani & Blaire Saunders 011 Thurs 13:05-14:25 Anna-Maria Broomes & HaEun Kwon (Christy) 012 Thurs 14:35-15:55 Andrew Grassby & Andrea Zhu 013 Thurs 16:05-17:25 Christiana Knutson & Katan Patel
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2 Learning Outcomes By the end of this course students should be able to demonstrate the following: Knowledge of core organizational behaviour concepts and theories Identification and application of these concepts and theories in cases, simulations, and exercises. Effective communication and collaboration with other class members, team members, OBCCs, and professor Instructional Methods The instructional method in this class is unique and requires a high level of student participation. You will attend class twice a week: once on Monday in large class format, which will involve
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mgcr 222.syllabuspdf - MGCR 222 - Introduction to...

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