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1 MGCR352 MARKETING MANAGEMENT I Application Questions – Fall 2011 Description: By analyzing a real life situation, the application question provides an opportunity for you and your team to apply the theories learned in class. After completing your research, you and your team will present your findings to the class. This assignment is worth ten percent of your final grade. Objectives: Understanding marketing concepts and their application to profit-oriented and non-profit- oriented organizations. Applying these concepts to the analysis of marketing problems and the development of appropriate and creative marketing strategies to solve these problems. Critically analyzing and evaluating case problems. Answering questions and defending your findings during the question period. Confidently presenting your findings within a limited time. Instructions: Identify your application question. The number of the application question represents the number of your team (i.e., application question 1 = group 1). Read the chapter(s) and the class notes corresponding to your application question. Research and answer all the components of your application question. You may use multiple external sources for your research. Resources available through the library can provide much of the needed information. Prepare an oral presentation with your group. Your presentation must be power-point based, but you may also use other forms of visuals such as videos, samples, handouts, etc. After your presentation, your audience will ask questions or make comments. Be prepared to elaborate, clarify, and defend certain aspects of your presentation. You need to submit an electronic or written copy of your final PowerPoint slides before you start your presentation. Late submissions will be subject to penalty in grading. Requirements: The group oral presentation will not exceed 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes questions and answers. Any presentation running overtime will be penalized. At least three members of your team must present and all the members of your group must be present and ready to answer questions on the day of the oral presentation. Professional business attire is recommended but not required for all the presenters. Refer to the schedule in the course outline for the presentation date. Special notes: Your set up time is five minutes (maximum). If you choose to use your personal laptop (MAC or PC), please practice setting up ahead of time and become familiar with the equipment located in the classroom. No more than five minutes will be allowed to set up under any circumstances . It is strongly recommended that you have two versions of the presentation available (online and on an external saving device such as a USB key). Keep in mind that the room is equipped with power point, Internet connection, and video. However, if you are presenting a video, it must fit within your presentation time. Be creative and have fun!
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