Cohabit - make the woman be infertile But their abilities...

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Cohabit In recent years , more and more Vietnamese youth are starting to cohabit with their boy/girlfriend before marriage. It is a wrong and thoughtless choice. First of all , cohabitation without getting married is not suitable for traditional cultures in Vietnam . It shows that this couple were corrupt and they will received rumours from people . Naturally , their families will never agree with them , thus , they have to live independently without parents’ help. In addition , they might be bring their families into disrepute. Secondly , cohabitation is also very dangerous . If the two people do not have experience about sex , they will be risked of getting STDs (for example,syphilis,AIDS ,etc…). Likewise , the woman may be pregnant unexpectedly. At that moment , keep and bring up the child or abortion are both stupid preferences . Abortion is killing a person , and also
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Unformatted text preview: make the woman be infertile. But, their abilities and the Laws do not allow them to bring up the child because they didn’t register with the authorities . However , some people say that cohabitation help them save money and time . But in fact , without taking care of their parents and relation , almost couples have to do by themselves everything which they do not have to do when living with families. Moreover , they also must pay daily bills. So, which one is more economical than another ? To sum up , living together before official marriage is a bad tendancy which was tried by a small group of young people. Because of the inconsiderateness , they do not realize that it is wrong. As a result, it made some serious consequences , for instance, STDs or trend of abortion,…So people should not try to do it....
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Cohabit - make the woman be infertile But their abilities...

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