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LATROBE UNIVERSITY Diploma of Business Administration Business Law Assignment “Analyze the structure of Australian Government system and compare it with Vietnamese Government system” (Word count: 1200) Teacher: H  Thuý H ng Student:  Đàm Thanh Huy n Class : DBA-12B Date: October, 2008
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Socialist Republic of Vietnam when is one of the three Indochinese countries, which are still  poor and low-developed. The structure single-party of Government here is also unusual in the world  that makes Vietnam differ from others, especially western countries such as US, UK or Australia. The  Commonwealth of Australia is largest country in the Oceania which has a very developed society.  Remarkably, although they are nominal under governance of Royal or Queen, they established a  political institution which is extremely democratic and just. That’s why my essay will analyze the  Government’s structure of these two countries so as to know more about differences or advantages and  disadvantages of them. In the first place,we can have a look at  The Commonwealth Government ,known  also as the Australian Government or the Federal Government,was established by the Australian  Constitution.It is divided into three inter-connected arms: legislature executive judiciary The three arms of government undertake their activities separate from each other following the  “Separation of  Powers” principle. Legislature - The legislature, also known simply as parliament,is made up of democratically- elected representatives from around Australia.These representatives meet at Parliament House in  Canberra to discuss legislation and make laws for the benefit of the nation.The Commonwealth  Parliament comprises two separate chambers: the House of Representatives in federal level (or 'the lower house' in state level) the Senate in federal level (or 'the upper house' in state level) The House of Representatives has 150 members, each representing a different area of the  country.Each electorate has roughly the same number of registered voters within its boundary, 
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law assignment - LATROBE UNIVERSITY Diploma of Business...

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