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In recent years, the information technology has developed rapidly and one of its achievements is the Internet which is more and more popular in life. Therefore, some people think that newspaper will become a thing of the past. But, I’m persuaded that Internet will not be able to take the place of newspaper in the next few years. In the first place, everyone want to surf the Net must have a computer and know how to utilize it, whereas anyone can be able to read newspaper. Besides, it can be brought easily, for instance, read in the office, cafeteria, stations or toilet, etc. In other words, the Internet is worse than newspaper in flexibility. Secondly, reading newspaper is a long-standing habit from centuries ago and it seemed becomes a custom of people in the whole world, for this reason, the extinction is difficult to happen. A piece of evidence is that almost
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Unformatted text preview: newspapers are operating very well and a lot of people still buy it. On the other hand, the greatest advantage of the Internet is a huge source of information so citizens can find out everything on it. However, it’s also a disadvantage. Because of having to receive news from many different sources with a variety of opinion, certainly, thus people might be do not know which is the truth and which is not, I mean they can be confused. In addition, a not small part of Internet is bad information which is harmful for people. To sum up, although the Internet are getting more popular and has a lot of advantages, but the possibility of replacing newspaper in the future is very low. In my opinion, newspaper will become better in order to catch the speed of the life....
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