speaking 2 - 1. Describe a museum or art gallery that you...

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1. Describe a museum or art gallery that you have visited. I’m going to talk to you about a quite famous museum which called historical museum. It locates on Hoan Kiem district, behind the Hanoi municipal theatre. Last month my friend and I decided visiting it because the ticket’s price is so cheap, only 1000d per students. But the internal architectures are very nice and imposing. We first saw many items of stone-age on the 1 st floor, some are authentic antiquities, the others are fake but also very beautiful. 2 nd floor displays about feudal periods, we learned a lot of things about Vietnam’s history through mock-ups, pictures or, old books written in Han scrip, so interesting. Besides, they also exhibit many about resistance war period ,for example, guns, cannons, soldier clothes,… In conclusion, visiting historical museum is very interesting and useful, if you have never gone to it before, you should try. 2. Describe a special school or college event that you remember well. 3. Describe a transport problem in your town/city. I have to say this is very interesting topic because transport problems currently take place in my city and the most terrible one is traffic jam. Everyday in rush hours, such as 7-8am or 5-6pm, a huge number of people go to work, study or come back home cause for almost roads too overcrowded, smoke from vehicles and dusty air make people feel miserably and travel more difficultly and so on. Progressively, the road is comprehensively blocked. Besides, the Vietnamese is quite unaware about transport thus also contribute to the jam. Personally, this problem is necessary to solve immediately, otherwise it may lead to many serious social consequences, including people health, money… 4. Describe an advertising photo or TV image you have seen and you think was effective 5. Describe a book you enjoyed reading (name, what it was about, when u read it, and explain why you enjoyed it) My favorite book is a detective novel which called Sherlock home, the author is Conan
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speaking 2 - 1. Describe a museum or art gallery that you...

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