speaking - 1.The travel in detail Im going to tell you...

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1.The travel in detail : I’m going to tell you about my memorable travel. In august 2007, my elder sister and I decided to travel without parents , the place where we came is : A… .DaNang. I myself believe that it is the most beautiful beach in Vietnam, with white sand and so clean and blue sea water. Coconut trees planted in line make me imagine to Hawaii beach. Personally, I think Danang beach may be able to compare with the most beautiful one in the world. Resorts, guests houses, and restaurants are constructed far away from the beach , thus make it become more natural than others beach. We stayed there for 3 days, and discovered everything around there. Son Tra Peninsula is also interesting too, we hired a mountain twins bike and cycled around it, the fresh air and beautiful nature made us relaxing. And due to traveling without our parents, we had the freedom thus made our vacation more interesting and memorable. If you have never visit it before, I suggest U should go there. B… Hoi An … street. It was so interesting because I learnt so much about history . Hoi An was built in 16 century by Lord Nguyen , firstly, it was a big harbour thus attracted a lot of people settle there , especially the Chinese and Japanese . So the architecture here is mixed between Chinese and Japanese , very original and interesting . It’s the reasons why the Hoi An… street is quite different with … street in Hanoi . We were interpreted about how the local people build a house, a ship , or make the lantern . Oh, their lanterns are also beautiful, too , many colors and many sizes , so every tourist come here want to buy one. It took us only a day to travel the whole Hoi An but it really a most memorable travel I done , I have a huge
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speaking - 1.The travel in detail Im going to tell you...

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