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Sports are very attractive field of entertainment and accompany with the eco-development, they become a fat-profits business. Therefore, many sports professionals became stars and earn money fast and easily than any others professionals, for instance, football players such as Beckham or Inzaghi, they live a extravagant life with huge houses and luxury cars. But there are different estimations, some say that it’s justified but others think it’s unfair, and it seem that both point of views are reasonable. To begin with, it’s argued by many that many experts from important fields of society have to spend a long time and a huge money to learn can not earn money as much as an young athletes is an injustice. And in fact, many rich sports player had fame by their appearances rather than their talents, advertised by media and their fans, and after peak-period, they continue make money by old reputation.As a results, they prejudices some people.
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Unformatted text preview: On the contrary, almost athletes had reputation are proficient, in other words, they have inborn talents and experienced through many hard trainings. However, they still have to try their best in whole their life-work, otherwise they may be replaced by younger and better people or they can not gain any worthy achievements. Furthermore, the athletes’ lives seem not very comfortable due to suffering heavy pressure from media or supporter. So, earning a lot of money and living luxuriously are fair and I’m convinced that is the better argument. Overall, the fact that successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than others lead to the controversy. Personally, I think that if sports have talents and hard training, together with good performances, they will justified with amount of money they earned because they also have to work and make a contribution to society....
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