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“Telling lie is not widely encouraged. But some argue that it is really necessary to be a liar sometime. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?” People’s lives always have standards of ethics and one of them is unacceptable to tell lie. But in some cases require people being liars, therefore I myself believe that we can consent to falsehoods despite the fact that they are not widely stimulated. In the first place, one of distinct benefits of telling lie is avoid potential risks to some certain group of people. For instances, patients who get critically diseases and can live only in a short time should be heard an untruth about their states, in order to help their remaining lives be untroubled. Another instance is for highly vulnerable people, they may be do silly and dangerous things if they hear something bad although it may be true. Secondly, almost humans are not very perfect, certainly, but nobody wants to hear about these poor traits. Hence, several
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Unformatted text preview: praises are not only unharmed but also very polite. In other words, the lies may be able to comfort people psychologically and so on, the social relationships will be better. And lastly, it also means that the effect of speech is stronger. But on the other hand, many people still dispute that there are a lots of consequences when telling lie, including the distrust of others one, harm social ethics, causes of problem in social relationship… They are certainly not wrong, but only if liars have bad purposes. It is obviously that some people lie so that making laughter for everybody. Daily life and work always have stress, thus some jokes will make a source of inspiration for everybody. In conclusion, telling lie is usually equated with unethical people and having bad purposes, particularly in the Orient. But in the fact-living, sometimes we have to resort to falsehoods. In my view, if lies are used for good purposes, they should be accepted....
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