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Experiment Six: Questions 1. If you get any sugar from the solution that has been decolorized, then it could not have been all absorbed. Therefore, simply filtering the solution and collecting the sugar would determine that this did not happen. 2. It is not a good idea to use a large excess of activated charcoal to remove colored impurities because the activated charcoal also absorbs the sugar itself. If too much activated charcoal were added, the entire sugar crystal would disappear. 3. Perhaps the resulting crystals were hydrated; that is, the crystals had
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Unformatted text preview: absorbed some of the water molecules. In the future, the student should use a vacuum pump to dry the crystals, or wait longer for the water to evaporate. 4. The student added too much heated solution to his unknown. Therefore even when the solution cooled, there was enough solution for the unknown to stay in the solution. In the future the student should try to stop adding solvent immediately after the unknown completely dissolves. This will yield a more saturated solution, and therefore produce more crystals when the solution cools....
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