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lab 7 discussion

lab 7 discussion - f value to this being.43 Furthermore in...

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Lab Seven Discussion In part one of this experiment my group tested different solvents to determine the best solvent to use in part two of the experiment. We chose 100% ethyl acetate and 92:8 ethyl acetate:acetic acid. We narrowed down the choice of solvents by examining the distribution of the resulting R f values. In both ethyl acetate and the ethyl acetate:acetic acid mixture , nearly all the spots moved to some degree. While in the other two solvents multiple solute spots did not move from the baseline. These solvents would be bad to use in part two because our unknown would be indistinguishable if it happened not to move from the baseline. We identified our unknown analgesic by comparing our part two results with the data we collected in part one. In part two, our unknown had an R f value of .38 and .33 in the ethyl acetate solvent. In part one, acetaminophen had the closest R
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Unformatted text preview: f value to this, being .43. Furthermore, in part two the acetaminophen spot moved nearly exactly the same amount as the unknown in both solvents. By simply eyeballing the results of part two, our group was able to determine our unknown to be acetaminophen. I predicted ibuprofen would have the highest R f value, because I assumed it would not be that polar (consisting of mainly c-h bonds). The data makes me think that ibuprofen’s single o-h bond is enough to create strong intermolecular attractions with the stationary phase, and therefore did not move very far. I then predicted that aspirin would move furthest after ibuprofen, because its shape was not conducive to intermolecular forces. The data mostly supported the hypothesis that aspirin would move the second furthest. I predicted caffeine would move the least, and that was largely the case....
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lab 7 discussion - f value to this being.43 Furthermore in...

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