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1. If the spotting line is below the solvent level, the spots will bleed off of the plate into the solvent. The plate cannot be developed if this occurs. In addition, if the spotting line is below the solvent level then the solvent would not travel through the spotting line and would not create accurate R f values. 2. In this case, the solvent was not polar enough to compete with the stationary phase. The result was that the spotted compounds did not move. To fix this, I would try a 80:20 mixture of hexane:ethyl acetate. This mixture would be more polar and absorb the compound from the
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Unformatted text preview: stationary phase with greater effect. 3. This does not prove that you have only one product present. A mixture of compounds may exhibit the same behavior toward the stationary and mobile phases and the individual components may not be distinguishable. 4. The third and fourth compounds would show up as a dark spot under a UV lamp because the have conjugated double bonds. That is: CH 3 CH 2 CHCHCOCH 3 , and CH 2 CHCHCHOHCH 3 5. The bottom mark is A, the middle is C, and the bottom is B....
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