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Reading Response: Question 4 In the case of the English Civil War of the 1640’s, the revolutionaries began their arguments by listing their demands, and then followed by saying that “these things we declare to be our native rights, and therefore are agreed and resolved to maintain them with our utmost possibilities.” In this case and that of many of the following revolutions the revolutionaries declare their right’s origins were in their humanity. This rhetoric of “native rights” implies that their oppressors were violating a divine right. This appalling violation of the crown gave the activist the power to overthrow their government. In Jefferson’s first draft of the Declaration of Independence it clearly states the origins of the rights of man, “that equal creation they derive in rights inherent and inalienable.” In particular it states the equal creation of all men. In contrast, the final draft
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Unformatted text preview: of the declaration narrows these right bearers to those, endowed by their creator. This does not explicitly change those who are included as right bearers, but does leave it up for interpretation. While in the first draft it seems more clear that all men are equal. Perhaps in the ladders case one can interpret this as not including slaves; that they are different upon creation and therefore were never endowed these rights from their creator. Upon further analysis, Jeffersons original draft accuses the king of the crime of trading in slaves. This entire paragraph did not appear in the final draft. Slavery was a deep-rooted part of the culture during the 18 th century. The founding fathers would have had no qualms violating slaves human rights simply because they were never endowed the same rights from their creator....
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