Week 6 Response - between civilians and military. By taking...

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Week Six Readings Response In Under the Cover of War , Winter justifies the genocide that occurred during the two world wars by elaborating on his idea of “total war.” He explains that total war is a new type of warfare, the likes of which had never the world had never seen prior to the First World War. During World War I the nature of the war changed when the industrial powers turned it into “another kind of war, bigger, more lethal, and more corrosive than any previous conflict.” Winter explains some of the actions of the war that progressed to the mentality of total warfare. It began when the German army released poison gas on the battlefields, and the allied forces retaliated. Soon passenger liners were being sunk, and civilians were being openly killed. He concludes that these new forms of war culminated in the blurring of lines
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Unformatted text preview: between civilians and military. By taking on this new mentality, the bloodbath of the wars reached a new, unprecedented level. You can see how total war mentality multiplies the deadly implications of war. Previous to the total war mentality, war occurred on the battlefield, and civilians were merely trampled on by invading armies. But with the increased frequency of total war atrocities, genocide became a more acceptable idea amongst the leaders of the participating armies. Winter explains that this new brutalizing character of total war leads to massive casualties, and crimes against civilians. In the case of World War I, the legacy of civilian warfare leaves bitterness and hatred in its wake, and sets the stage of the Holocaust of World War II....
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Week 6 Response - between civilians and military. By taking...

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