Week 10 Response

Week 10 Response - United States and a few that already...

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Week 10 Reading Response: Question 3 In “The Emergence of Human Rights Politics in the United States”, Kenneth Cmiel regards the politics of information, the use of key facts and images, as the main proponent of the globalization of human rights in the 70s. During the 1970’s human rights activist used the global flow of information to put pressure on perpetrators of human rights violations. Human rights groups would use images of a torture victim or starving child with little local context in their political arsenal to bring shame to certain violations. In addition, instead of thick descriptions, activist would use thin cultural messages in the mass media to stir the interest of the public. Cmiel explains that these activists would only use the information that was absolutely necessary in order to arouse sympathy in the public. During the 1970’s, dozens of new nongovernmental organizations started in the
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Unformatted text preview: United States and a few that already existed grew exponentially. New media outlets such as indexes, newsletters, and chronicles brought new avenues for the transfer of information. In addition, key members off congress worked to stop governmental assistance to any country that violated certain human rights. For these reasons the human rights movement drastically grew during the 1970’s. The new joint effort of government and nongovernment organizations led the way for the 1970’s human rights awareness explosion. Nongovernment groups were building international research and networks, providing nation leaders the tools needed to combat violations. The use of images and information in tandem with strong activism made for the greatest human rights movement in history....
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Week 10 Response - United States and a few that already...

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