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Week 12 Response: It is commonly argued that national development necessitates the suppression of human rights to further the society as a whole. This view holds that economic growth takes priority to human rights and the worth of man is judged wholly by his effectiveness as an economic tool. Democratic governments contrast this view of human worth. These governments argue that national development creates an environment in which human potential can be realized; that economic growth serves the people and not the other way around. These two competing views are fundamentally engrained in the distinction between Western and Asian Culture, and reveal the stark differences in government values. It is clear that the distinction of whether or not human rights inhibit the growth of society rest on the definition of national development.
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Unformatted text preview: Totalitarian systems concentrate more power in the ruling elite. In these systems, culture is used to serve the purpose of the government and a sense of national culture is cultivated by the policies and actions of the government. Those under the influence of these governments forsake their own rights for the good of the nation, and commonly judge their own worth by the economic growth of the nation. While in a democratic nation, a strong media culture promotes self worth and economic competition. Those in these government systems often define national growth by their own personal success. In these two competing government systems, two different venues are used to serve the people a sense of culture, and thus create very different views of the role of human rights in national development....
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