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1. What are the steps in the marketing research process? a. Step 1: Defining Objectives and Research Needs b. Step 2: Designing the Research project c. Step 3: Data Collection d. Step 4: Analyzing Data e. Step 5: Presenting results 2. What is the difference between primary and secondary research? a. Secondary data are pieces of information that have already been collected from other sources and are usually readily available; for example, census data, sales invoices, journal articles, etc. b. Primary data
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Unformatted text preview: is data collected to address specific research needs 3. What is the difference between exploratory and conclusive research? a. Exploratory research attempts to begin to understand the phenomenon of interest (preliminary insights) b. Conclusive research provides the information needed to confirm those insights which managers can use to pursues appropriate courses of action 4. What are some commonly used survey based metrics? a. Questionnaires, web surveys...
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