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Reading Guide Experience Buddhism

Reading Guide Experience Buddhism - Kessler ch 7 Religious...

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Kessler, ch. 7: Religious Experience, pp. 127-42, 145-6 3-5 Key Terms: “Religious experience” has come to mean many things. What does Kessler say we absolutely need to pay attention to in order to call something a religious experience?(128) What does “experience” mean? What kinds of experience does Kessler discuss? Can you give any examples? (128) What is the difference between “I seem to see a book” and “I see a book”? (128) What distinction does Kessler draw between these two statements? What does Kessler say about dreaming and authenticity? How do you think about dreams? (131) Why is it important to understand how people during Muhammad’s time thought about dreams? Does Muhammad know that his visions are divine right from the start? What are his questions? What is the Buddha’s relationship to Hinduism?(135) What was important to the Buddha?
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What observation does Kessler make about Buddhism and suffering? Do you think the people in Muhammad’s time suffered?
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