Prompt 4 assignment

Prompt 4 assignment - Prompt #4 A: I am afraid that this...

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Prompt #4 A: I am afraid that this situation at BSHS may just be the tip of the iceberg. As our economy begins to weaken and all Americans begin to feel the pinch, tensions between Hispanics and the rest of the country will most likely increase. Americans that are struggling to achieve the "American Dream" will undoubtedly resent and possibly lash out against Hispanics they feel have no right government services or even being here. And although violence is never acceptable, who can fault the average middle class American from harboring some resentment. Demonstrations and posts on the HL website are indicative of how many Americans feel regarding our country and city's immigration issue. Without Government action (which we all no isn't coming) the citizens of Lexington and other cities across the country will become more frustrated and begin to act on thier own. If things do not change it will most likely get worse before it gets better. That is unless our elected officials act in a just manner, obey those that they have been sworn to serve and take serious measures to stop the flow of illegal immigrants coming into our city and remove those that currently reside here Read more: kentuckytm#ixzz0lcSbPFtM B: Some clarification is needed here. Five tall African American students jumped a small LEGAL Hispanic student as he was drinking from a water fountain without any provocation. This was all captured by surveillance cameras that Gladys Peoples does not want released. As taxpayers, we have a right to see what we are paying for. The Hispanic students are
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Prompt 4 assignment - Prompt #4 A: I am afraid that this...

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