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Prompt 6 Assignment - criminality This will be part “2”...

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Prompt 6 A. 1. You will write your response to this clip. First focusing on your thoughts and reaction to what is being represented. Please analyze the potential areas that are being distorted/exaggerated and those that portray (at least partially) elements of current Latino realities. This will be part “1” of your paper (i.e. this should be no more than 1 double-spaced page) AND 2. You will fictionalize a response by one archetypical U.S. American (PTA mom, business owner, well-meaning yuppie, non-Latino person of color, Anglo patriot, border patrol employee). This fictionalized response will focus on their first reaction to this movie in light of the current reality in Arizona OR their current view on Latino
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Unformatted text preview: criminality. This will be part “2” of your paper (i.e. this should be no more than 1 double-spaced page) B. v=LkrHk99jkbc&feature=PlayList&p=81F1B737B1476208&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&inde x=50 This is a longer version AND the apology 1. First, you will write a quick reaction to these videos. 2. Then, you will focus your response on different ideas of how you or your organization would address the problem for the benefit of the Latino community in Seattle (e.g. how would educate other communities of color in Seattle or the dominant Anglo community in Seattle). Please be as detailed as possible....
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