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Peptide Bond Covalent bond between amino acids formed by a condensation reaction Between –NH2 and –COOH Amino Acid polymers o Polar/directional o Backbone: o Appendages: o Sequence Secondary strucuter has hydrogen bonding in backbone Tertiary structure is due to interactions between side chains Tertiary structure has Hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds, covalent disulfide bonds (cysteine), hydrophobic effect (nonpolar), vander waals. Which is strongest? Disulfide. Weakest is
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Unformatted text preview: van der waals. • Arginine is charged so can be in ionic bonding. • Quartenry structure: hydrogen bonding, disulfide brigdes, ionic, hydrophobic , van derwaals (all of them). • What determines proper folding. Primary structure. What determines primary? Dna sequence. • Spontaneous folding • Envrionemtnal conditions affect protein structure o Temperature o pH o Salts...
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