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1 LECTURE 1 – MAJOR THEMES OF THE COURSE John Alderete, Linguistics 323, Simon Fraser University Goals: this first lecture is designed to give the student a sense of the major themes of the class by introducing some core concepts: morpheme-base morphology, morphological processes, and hierarchical structure. The student should obtain at least an intuitive idea of the kinds of problems that morphologists work on and how they approach morphological data, though many of the explicit tools used by morphologists will come later. After completing the chapter and attending the lecture, students should be able to do problems like (1) English, (2) Standard Chinese, and (3) Tzutujil in the back of chapter 1; the last one may be done in class. Keywords: morphology, morpheme, morpheme identification, morphological processes, word trees Reading: UM chapter 1 (entire chapter) MORPHEME-BASED MORPHOLOGY Definitions: morphology, morpheme, simplex word, complex word Illustration: - happy, happiness, happily - color, colorless, colorlessness Questions: which of the above words are simplex and which are complex? What are the
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