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Comm 132 Final Exam Speaking Assignment (15%) Due Date: Wednesday August 10, 2011 by 11:55 P.M. Part 1: Listen and Respond Portion (20 marks) 1. Click onto the following site: 2. You should be at The Secret World of Shoplifting. Time: 16 minutes and 9 seconds 3. Watch only the first part of the clip. You may watch it as many times as you like to gain understanding. 4. Leave me a Wimba message (3-5 minutes long) in which you briefly summarize the main points of the show. your summary must include the following information: a) the different categories of shoplifters b) definition of what a booster bag is c) which products are most often targeted by shoplifters
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Unformatted text preview: d) where most stolen merchandise ends up e) how you feel about this video (e.g. what surprised you, what made it interesting, if you found it difficult, and such). Part 2: Discrete Pronunciation (5 marks) Record the following words and phrases. Pay attention to vowel and consonant sounds and stress. Record each word or phrase twice. organized crime shrink economic downturn retail theft expert cash register crime spets the five finger discount shoplifting incidents bankruptcy local flea markets Note: Students who leave a message that is less than three minutes long will receive a maximum grade no higher than 8/20 for Part 1....
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