ANT.101, WK1, QUIZ - ANTHROPOLOGY 101: Week 1 - Quiz...

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ANTHROPOLOGY 101: Week 1 - Quiz Tarasha Hikson-Smith Instructor Rachel Grabner July 3, 2011 Time Remaining:  1.  One of the shortcomings of the theory of historical particularism is: (Points : 1)  the emphasis on past societies rather than contemporary ones. an emphasis on environmental influences. an overemphasis on sociocultural differences. an emphasis on the significance of diffusion. ( My answer) Over several years Boas formulated a theory of culture that became know unique characteristics of Pacific Northwest cultures. He also downplayed the significance of diffusion from other cultures (
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2.  Because most known societies prohibit incest, it can be considered: (Points : 1)  a religious issue. a cultural universal. a biologically driven instinct. an ethnocentric behavior. 3.  The value of ethnographic data is based on authentic human relationships established over time. (Points : 1)  True  False  4. 
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ANT.101, WK1, QUIZ - ANTHROPOLOGY 101: Week 1 - Quiz...

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