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ANT.101, WK3, DS2 Chiefdom in a Changing World

ANT.101, WK3, DS2 Chiefdom in a Changing World - As we have...

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Chiefdom in a Changing World  As we have learned, an emic perspective is the insiders understanding / perception of why a culture may do as they do while etic is the perspective of the outsider. Explain the impact forced and voluntary conversion to Christianity has had on the leadership structure and social control of chiefdoms using one of these two perspectives in which to make your argument. Include specific examples and terminology from Chapter 6 to reinforce your point of view. Chiefdom in a Changing World Tarasha Hickson-Smith ANT.101 WEEK 3 DISCUSSION 2 July 14, 2011 From an etic perspective and as a Christian myself, I understand the missionaries objective to save their souls from eternal damnation for the worship of idols (Nowak & Laird, Case Study: Social Organization, 2010). I believe the missionaries had a truly honest endeavor to educate them about the truth and separate myth from fact. This should not have completely dismissed nor discredited their
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