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ANT.101 WK3, QUIZ 70% - Ashford 4 Week 3 Quiz TimeRemaining...

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Ashford 4 : - Week 3 - Quiz Time Remaining:  1.  Nomadic pastoralists have permanent settlements; and complete households shift location with the herd. House structures are highly stable, s True  False 
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2.  Which of the following does not generally characterize pastoral societies? (Points : 1)  seasonal changes of residence communal ownership of grazing lands economic independence from surrounding agricultural societies communal ownership of animals 3.  Which environment is least likely to be inhabited by pastoralists? (Points : 1)  grasslands savannahs tropical forests deserts 4.  Redistribution involves: (Points : 1)  the exchange of goods between people already associated with each other. the systematic movement of wealth toward an administrative center and its reallocation by authorities. the exchange of goods at prices.
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