INF.103, WK4, D1 Social Web and You

INF.103, WK4, D1 Social Web and You - SocialWebandYou Would...

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Social Web and You 
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Would you be surprised if I told you that: The fastest growth for any age group on Facebook is 35-55 YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world Most people prefer a peer’s recommendation over an advertisement on the web these days? I suppose it means Erik Qualman, the author of Socialnomics, was correct when he said, “It's a people driven economy stupid” (2009). Welcome to the social web! Review the video Social Media   Revolution . How are we to know information is accurate, or safe, or that all these content created are going somewhere meaningful? Based on your readings in the textbook, your personal experiences, as well as what you  know about the evolving Internet, explain how social media/web is changing or has  changed the ways you, your family, and colleagues find information. Also, how has  social media/web changed the ways you interact in your personal and professional life  as well as within academic spheres? What functionalities do you think will be invented in  the future?  Make sure you support your argument with facts, figures, and intelligent analysis. Also,  consider any opposing arguments SOCIAL WEB AND YOU Tarasha Hickson-Smith INF. 103, WEEK 4, DISCUSSION 1 I think the social web is a ubiquitous universe of its own, it has changed the way we all find information. All we have to do now is click a button on the plethora of contacts collected via the social web, and all of this new information and
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INF.103, WK4, D1 Social Web and You - SocialWebandYou Would...

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