Assignment 1 - Impacts of Globalization on Democracy...

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Impacts of Globalization on Democracy Assignment 1 Aaron Bukovick 2/9/11 MC 202 Sec 8 Craw Globalization continues to open our world in many ways. The internet has been one of the greatest propellants opening doors for individuals, information, and businesses to strive. Countries embrace globalization and both profit and are harmed by it, but the positive sides of globalization are more prevalent than the negatives. The political system has changed dramatically as individuals are more and more aware of what decisions are made in their country. 1
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With this awareness, comes the wanting to have a voice on decisions and opinions. In many ways, this is how a democracy is formed. Defining globalization can be a difficult task. In David Held’s book, “A Globalized World”, there is a section by John Wiseman where he describes globalization in a perfect way. Globalization is the most slippery, dangerous, and important buzzword in the late twentieth century. It’s slippery because it has many meanings, it’s dangerous because it can be used as an excuse of endless of unregulated capitalist relations, and it’s important because time and space can be compressed that distant actions in one corner of the world and has significant repercussion in faraway places 1 . But if I had to define globalization in my own words, I would say that globalization is the free and open exchange of information and ideals that can both benefit and hurt a state or individual. Globalization has helped foster a global infrastructure. The infrastructure is an underlying formal and informal institutional arrangements that are required for globalized networks to operate. The United Nations for example provide assistance for health, refugees, education, and so on. Another example can be the World Bank that regulate and stabilize the global financial
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Assignment 1 - Impacts of Globalization on Democracy...

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