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Visit for complete chapters: http://yourtestbanks.webs.com/apps/links/ Biology, 8e (Campbell) Chapter 3 Water and the Fitness of the Environment Multiple-Choice Questions 1) In a single molecule of water, two hydrogen atoms are bonded to a single oxygen atom by A) hydrogen bonds. B) nonpolar covalent bonds. C) polar covalent bonds. D) ionic bonds. E) van der Waals interactions. Answer: C Topic: Concept 3.1 Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension 2) The slight negative charge at one end of one water molecule is attracted to the slight positive charge of another water molecule. What is this attraction called? A) a covalent bond B) a hydrogen bond C) an ionic bond D) a hydrophilic bond E) a hydrophobic bond Answer: B Topic: Concept 3.1 Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension 3) An example of a hydrogen bond is the bond between A) C and H in methane (CH 4 ). B) the H of one water molecule and the O of another water molecule. C) Na
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50234253-Biology-8e-Campbell-Chapter-3 - Visit for complete...

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