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Chemistry 235 Due the week of Jan. 18-22, 2010 Organic I George A. O’Doherty Quiz #1 Name There is a total of 10 points for this quiz. Answer all questions on the space provided. [I] (2 points) In one or two sentence(s), explain why you must wear lab goggles at all times when you are in lab. [II] (2 points) Besides goggles, what else must be worn in lab at all times?
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Unformatted text preview: [III] (2 points) In one or two sentence(s), explain why you are not allowed eat food in lab. [IV] (4 points) If you had three samples ( A , B , C ) of the same compound that are of differing purities. The melting points for these samples were determined to be ( A , 110C; B , 100C; C , 103C;). Which sample is most likely to be pure (2 points)? Why (2 points)?...
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