(SP%2710%20235)%20Quiz%206 - M.P and the least polar...

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Chemistry 235 Due the week of Feb. 22-26, 2010 Organic I George A. O’Doherty Quiz #6 Name There is a total of 10 points for this quiz. Answer all questions in the space provided. [I] (3 points) Record the R f values for each spot on the below TLC plate. x 25% EtOAc/Hexane 1st spot 2nd spot 3rd spot [II] (2 points) On the above picture of a TLC plate, label the most polar fraction (
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Unformatted text preview: M.P. ) and the least polar fraction ( L.P. ). [III] (5 points) Briefly explain why it is relatively easy to extract out benzoic acid from an ether solution of benzoic acid and methyl benzoate by washing with 1N NaOH solution. O OH Benzoic acid O OCH 3 Methyl benzoate...
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(SP%2710%20235)%20Quiz%206 - M.P and the least polar...

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