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evaluation essay

evaluation essay - Weil 1 Alyssa Weil Dr Hawes Eng 110-056...

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Weil 1 Alyssa Weil Dr. Hawes Eng 110-056 14 October 2009 Evaluation Essay In Jayme Stayer’s essay “Whales R Us,” he is revealing a horrible place not many people would suspect of having a bad side, and this place would happen to be Sea World. Stayer begins his essay by telling us about an experience that he had during a bird show at Sea World. At one point in the show, a blonde woman who was doing the act revealed a few parrots of which she said, “they brought with them this breed of parrot from Africa” (226). Stayer points out that the only African ancestors we had from that period were slaves that were brought on the European settler ships, and since slaves were not allowed to carry birds on the boats, the woman should have said something like these parrots were brought to America by our European ancestors. Stayer says that sea world is trying to give their guests an educational experience, while teaching them about different cultures and about the animals that the public knows nothing about. It explains how animals should not be taken out of the wild and
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