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Alyssa Weil - Critique essay - Weil Alyssa Weil Korrine...

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Weil 1 Alyssa Weil Korrine King ENG 110 February 15, 2011 Critique essay Ruth Streeter’s article “The Debate on Lowering the Drinking Age” was first presented February 22, 2009 on the news show 60 Minutes. In this article Streeter presents reasons as to why lowering the drinking age to 18 would be a good idea and tries to convince as well. Pathos, ethos and logos are techniques that Streeter uses to write an article that successfully presents a very strong argument to convince readers that may not support the lower drinking age of changing their minds. The basis of the article presents the opposing opinions on the debate for lowering the drinking age to eighteen. The article begins by stating the fact that 100 college presidents signed a declaration declaring that the current drinking age is not working. The main argument for lowing the drinking age is that the current law forces drinking underground, away from authorities. There is an example of a college student who got alcohol poisoning, passed out and died. The parents felt that if the drinking age was lowered their son would have been saved. Those who oppose lowering the drinking age state that if its lowered, highway fatalities will increase as well as drinking related deaths. Supporters of lowering the drinking age promote a drivers education like class where teenagers will be taught the dangers and affects of alcohol. At the end of the course an exam would be given, once passed a license will be issued to drink. Streeter begins the article using ethos in which she presents that “100 college presidents
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Alyssa Weil - Critique essay - Weil Alyssa Weil Korrine...

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