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Alyssa Weil - SUMMARY 1 - Weil 1 Alyssa Weil Eng 112-114...

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Weil 1 Alyssa Weil Eng 112-114 Korinne King January 26, 2011 Friends Without Borders “Friends Without Borders” an article written by Dan Fletcher and Andrea Ford states that soon 500 million people around the world will be using Facebook. If Facebook happened to be an actual country it would be the third largest country in the world. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and was initially formed to help students at Harvard and other ivy league schools to keep in touch and see what people were up to. Facebook has morphed from a simple project into now one of the Internets major players. Facebook isn't just a social networking site but is a data collector that makes money off of you because of what you post such as pictures and what you like. Facebook users are very willing to share personal information about themselves that promotes Facebook's success. Facebook generally tries to push for as much information from its users as possible then once people begin to complain about the intrusion into their privacy they tend to decrease the push for information. Since Facebook pushes so hard for personal information it has often put itself right into the
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Alyssa Weil - SUMMARY 1 - Weil 1 Alyssa Weil Eng 112-114...

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