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FALL 2011 CHEMISTRY 3B Page 1 of 4 GENERAL INFORMATION: Chemistry 3B represents the second semester of a two- semester survey of organic chemistry. A prerequisite is Chemistry 3A or Chemistry 112 with a passing grade of C– or better in either one. The lecture part of this course can be taken separately from the laboratory. Because of space considerations, many of you will have to do so, and you are advised strongly to consider taking Chemistry 3BL during the summer of 2012. If you are not taking Chemistry 3BL, you are nevertheless entitled to visit (any) TA office hour (to be posted). INSTRUCTORS: The instructional staff consists of a team of a faculty member and teaching assistants. Professor Peter Vollhardt (635 Latimer Hall) will lecture twice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, first in 100 Lewis Hall, 8:00–9:30 a.m., and then again in 1 Pimentel, 2–3:30 pm (webcast: < >. The webcast site contains old recordings of Chem 3A and Chem 3B for your perusal. All ppt slides of Chem 3B, fall 2006 are available on Professor Vollhardt’s website < > (under teaching). New slides will be posted on bspace ahead of individual lectures. Dr. Chunmei Li ( 327 Latimer Hall, 643-9952, ) will supervise the laboratory and assist in the lecture course and exam administration. A head graduate student instructor, Steve Heller, , will give regular review sessions Wednesdays 6–8 pm in 100 Lewis, beginning on August 31. ADMINISTRATION: The administrative coordinator for the course is Lucia Briggs ( 332 Latimer Hall, 643-9939, , and questions about prerequisites, add/drops, enrollment, etc. should be directed to her. LECTURE ATTENDANCE AND OFFICE HOURS: As you have already noted, organic chemistry is a concentrated and fast-moving subject. There is nothing inherently difficult about it, but you will probably find it different from anything you have studied previously. There is a fairly rigid hierarchy, with each new topic building upon the previous one. Therefore, the single factor that gives students the most trouble is falling behind. To avoid this problem, come to lecture regularly , replay the webcast, keep up with your reading, and work problems. The experiences in the past have shown that, the availability of the webcast notwithstanding, attending the live lecture is important and correlates with the students’ performance in the course. Seeking help and advice from the instructors during their office hours can make a great difference. In our experience, too few students take advantage of this opportunity. Do not hesitate to do so regularly. You are entitled to visit any of the laboratory TAs
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Chem3BFall11Syllabus - FALL 2011 CHEMISTRY 3B Page 1 of 4...

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