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-Be able to name a couple of languages from each major sub-branch of each language family we discussed in section. -Be able to name major language families and sub-families, and to locate them on a blank map: Algic o Algonquian o Yurok o Wiyot Na-Dene o Eyak o Tlingit o Athabaskan Northern Pacific Coast Apachean Eskimo-Aleut o Aleut o Eskimo Yup’ik Inuit Greenlandic -Be able to say some very basic, general things about verbs in Algonquian, Athabaskan and Eskimo- Aleut. Polysynthetic morphology: what is it? Are verbs prefixing or suffixing? Classificatory verbs
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Unformatted text preview: -Given a verb form with morpheme-by-morpheme glosses, be able to tell whether a verb is from an Algonquian, Athabaskan or Eskimo-Aleut language.-People and organizations to be able to briefly identify: Eben Hopson Knud Rasmussen The Inuit Circumpolar Council Oqaasileriffik Sheldon Jackson Aha Punana Leo Breath of Life Conference **Review the midterm review sheet! Some of it will be on the final. **Don’t forget to go see the Mexico exhibit at the Bancroft Library!...
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