eng b38 study - MAUS- Art Spiegelman Themes - passage of...

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MAUS- Art Spiegelman Themes - passage of time - memory: trying to preserve experience of Holocaust - Witness - Violence Black & White - p.155 : father is darkened out, tells story from his perspective Visual Iconography - cartoony – abstract Panel to panel transition - scene to scene: transport us across significant distances of time and space Lines - thick inked lines - used for shading in/ black and white contrast Page layout - vary according to diff scenes- shows passing of time Page composition - most panels are small throughout the comic but the scene where 4 jews are hanged is dramatically larger, taking up 2/3 of pg layout, to emphasize violence theme - the bottom 2 panels composition focused on their feet hanging and the spectators watching/WITNESSING this crime panel within panels MY NEW YORK DIARY Themes - coming of age - selfhood/community/ communication - gothic look - passage of time Black and white - high contrast black and white, heavy inks brings out the horror in everything, daylight scenes stoop with pools of shadow and dark ooze action to action panels - ex . when they did whippets
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visual iconography -cartoony – complex simple Panel composition - p. 262: when they are doing whippets, each panel’s background is related, same throughout (same living room), get a 360 degree angle of the diff aspects of room, shows the couple in each panel in action to action progressions, creates a sense of their unity, love , romance, coming of age. Page layout
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eng b38 study - MAUS- Art Spiegelman Themes - passage of...

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