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ENG B32-richard III - Consider What motivates Richard...

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PART 1 Re-read 1.2 of Richard III thinking like a Director. -Underline words you would have your actors stress in performance -Circle nouns & adjectives used about Richard -Circle nouns & adjectives used about Anne -Draw arrow connecting opposing or contrasting descriptions of the two characters * (star) where Lady Anne might pause (consider: why, what effect would it have on an audience’s interpretation of Lady Anne’s mind/motivations?) Consider: What motivates Lady Anne? Where in the dialogue does her strategy change? Does her motivation change?
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Unformatted text preview: Consider: What motivates Richard? Where in the dialogue Does his strategy change? Does his motivation change? Bring your thoughts to class on Monday. Enter your ideas into your journal. Part 2. In your journal respond to the following questions: 1. Compare the 1.2 courting of Anne scene with 4.4 exchange with Elizabeth. 2. What revelations emerge for Richard during his encounter with the ghosts in 5.5? Finally, do read ahead to Merchant of Venice....
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