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2/17/09 University of California at Berkeley Department of Physics Physics 8B Course Information Spring 2009 Section 2 Lecture Information Bob Jacobsen Lectures: Tu/Th 11AM-12:30 Pimentel Hall 307 LeConte Hall Office hours: Monday 3-4PM in 307 LeConte 510-486-7355 Tuesday after lecture in PSL, jake@physics.berkeley.edu and by appointment any day First week: You must attend your discussion/laboratory (D/L) sections during the first week of class to remain enrolled. If you wish to add (or change) discussion sections, check TeleBears or outside of 368 LeConte Hall for updated information on which sections have space. We will not allow more than 22 students per discussion/lab section! You must change your registration through TeleBears. Since this is an Early Drop Deadline course, you cannot change your registration after the 3 rd week of classes. Course WWW URL: Once you’re registered in the class, you should have access to the course web site on bSpace ( http://bspace.berkeley.edu ). The site contains course information, worksheet answers, homework solutions, and various links. Make sure your email address is correct, as we’ll sometimes be distributing information that way. Head Graduate Student Instructor: Stephen Glassman glassman@berkeley.edu 8B Course Center : 101 LeConte Additional help is available through the Student Learning Center (Golden Bear Center), the Honors Society, the Society of Physics Students, and the Physics Scholars Program. Inquire in the Physics Department Undergraduate Student Services Office (368 LeConte Hall) for further information. Required Text: Essential University Physics, Vol 2 by Richard Wolfson (Addison Wesley 2006) Student Learning Handbook by Waterhouse and Gillespie These two are available at Ned’s and the ASUC bookstore bundled in a package with the access code
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8B CourseInfo - University of California at Berkeley...

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