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AustinRayTracing - J SII n COHVen‘Efons.5 Rag...

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Unformatted text preview: J SII n COHVen‘Efons .5 Rag INCI‘flaJ‘ a Light rags q'wafls gut" from till w ’ Viking! (We‘ll) fight ray-I" are Jnsll Id S Eberical Mirrors: o (L > O .-f M 1': to “I: left 0"; 'Hic mirror (taco 9 with.) dung - d- )0 if [am e 1': fa tl'e left of the er‘r‘or {$30 :9 Vn‘riual ””439 ‘ - ca! {4 f" hit) .5; > 0 If famlflflt I: i’ “'1 12;” ° w: ”H “3“ ma coming in Parana! fa Hue 0|ka l's “5:1“th “Waugh Hue 5'36" ”‘51: (red Pay} «have UH [ISL-t Md and” [n 'BWOIIJA ‘H‘bt for“! Point 1‘: (15’6ch far-Illa. {to the ma} (gram rag! allure) Lenses: urlm'tulf 1': 'fi ”fucking Surfaae has a 300.5“! («J-h; who. the cuter '5 c to t‘“ f‘" t a; the surface a H % Z‘ r, In, a r FLPE'I.“ fell: RH: of HM yurfacz w/ R40 “ch‘ Hm surf“: v/ R>O .Zr 4:4 “a. I) out 1-4 ° f>0 flanges-a“ -A . I _ .J" t 9; tk [all if £>0 In“ Ff F W at (Infant: . TL c l at F 15 “to Hi! P [I _ fro ' ”‘14: 92:?! 52¢ Fr; 1:: Ha lfi a} fin {m .36 £33 } If! a. (an ‘41 39° Raw “‘40 (yo V L J ' ';CL= (“'I)[R'+_é] .J _..____.__ F’ F F F, d [43“: Pa”: alum: wafer from tbe bit“ I, do”) ”in" WW" {a “'6‘ ‘5“ "' “'9. lens (Jaw-o9 olu‘cct I3 23—!) o Ji>0 “lien ‘Hue image '3 i" E“ Bait of fit: Ian: (lit->0 ') {My :3 ml) funnel to Hie an} t}. 1,35.“ch .Hquah EH ll’ Li: H calm-“a I‘ll a a ( ml my)“, below) H". focal faint F UH [gift mg pas-aha cuu‘s at t4: fem“) confining; ”H light Fag Camila m throng}; Hm 3906‘” PM)”; F’ :‘s Far-aim to H»: axis (green ruaslhl...) 5' muHif'e' Lens 3'53“!“ are tma'kal Lg Eta-f cmdtn'a‘; a", fluid J but! t’flIEV-J bin math}: may m, file nu.) R9456! Repeat as needed. 8 Ila-3' (it. Cfflm; the , Lalo”) raffncd'BJ Excludes : a (PdtithQ) Len I ' 'Convcrain . I Paul “Huge, J;?D ' CONVQ’afgg Len}; Vi}£“a’;0£u'ec£ (f’01d6(0) rul fund; ° Diverama L‘Ens’ Real OLJQC'k (30“)! 419°) ...
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