Electronic Homework Study - During the Fall 2006 semester,...

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During the Fall 2006 semester, I did an experiment in my section of 8B to test the hypothesis that there was no difference in effectiveness between two forms of homework: A) Online homework, specifically Mastering Physics, assigned weekly and graded by the machine interactively. B) The same problems, to be handed in weekly on paper. Grading consisted of only checking that something was handed in; there was no check that it was correct, original, or anything else like that. Because I want to encourage students to work together with their colleagues in their D/L sections, the students were assigned to two experimental groups by section. All even numbered sections (N=85 students at the end of the course) would do the homework online. All odd numbered sections (N=87 students) would do the homework on paper. A post-experiment factor analysis determined that there were no significant section-to- section performance differences within the groups that would affect the results by more than 0.12 sigma, so this method of assigning students is probably OK. Students submitting their homework on paper could download a copy for printing straight from the web, or could do it on MP and then submit it on paper. I comment on this second alternative near the end, because it complicated the analysis a little. The students were told that approximately 1/3 of problems on the exams (two midterms and the final) would come straight from the homework, that approximately 1/3 would be very similar to problems they would see in D/L and lecture, and approximately 1/3 would
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This note was uploaded on 09/18/2011 for the course PHYSICS 8B taught by Professor Shapiro during the Fall '07 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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Electronic Homework Study - During the Fall 2006 semester,...

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