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Physics 8 Enrollment What is the problem? The basic problem is that there are too many people who want to take the Physics 8 courses, and not enough seats for them. Because we use large lecture halls, there’s usually room in the lecture sections. The discussion and lab sections are usually where we run out of seats, because we have a limited number of GSIs to teach them, and we feel strongly that increasing the size of those sections would have a very bad impact on student learning. Why don’t you have waitlists? Because a Physics 8 student needs to be enrolled in matching lecture, discussion and lab sections, the TeleBears waitlist system does not work effectively for this course. A wait list just on the lecture section isn’t useful, because there are usually enough seats in the lecture hall for everybody. A waiting list there won’t solve the problem of enough space in D/L sections. In years past when we used waiting lists on the D/L sections, we had too many problems with people camping out on multiple waiting lists for more
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