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EE 230 Lab 5 - EE 230 Lab 5 Measuring and Management of...

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EE 230 Lab 5 Measuring and Management of Operational Amplifier Parameters Brent Cornelius
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Introduction: The primary objective of this experiment is to investigate some of the performance parameters that are commonly used to characterize the performance of an operational amplifier and to develop a strategy for measuring some of these parameters. A second objective is to develop an appreciation for how these parameters affect the performance of practical circuits using the operational amplifier. A third objective will be to investigate methods for overcoming the limitations introduced by some of the parameters of the operational amplifier. Finally, you will be asked to design some circuits in which the non-ideal characteristics of the operational amplifier must be considered as part of the design process. Part 1 : Here is our measurement of the GB for the 741 Op-Amp Gain = 11 * 87kHz = 957kHz Gain = 101 * (10K – 470) = 962.530 kHz From Data Sheet, .7-1 MHz Part 2 : a.)The difference between the GB of the 356 op-amp to the 741 op-amp is that the 356 is
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