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In Appendix C the filing of the accounts to manage and organize the correct amounts of debits and credits help maintain where the money is sent or received. The appendix also manages how and where it is earned. The dates also organize when it was sent or received. The goal of financial reporting will help organizing accounts which are for the future and accounts that have already be settled. As these accounts come and go, without financial reporting there will be no way to maintain or collect money from clients. For instance, if one where to credit a client, how will one remember to collect the money of a client months past while handling numerous clients in the present. It is a good referral system to past, present, and future filing. The three steps of the process are to maintain organization from three different reports. The first is a
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Unformatted text preview: general report which is organized by date. The general journal like entry is simple, but not the most accurate to go by if collecting or sending money. Then the second step is a log report. This report separates all logs which were handle and shows specifically where money is credited and debit. The final step is the last log like step which shows clearer than the first step. The first step will be more general and vague verse the third step showing which type of income or expense the credit or debit amount is. These steps are relevant to the principles of accounting because they show in three different understandable styles how to manage and organize accounts without confusion....
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