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Pedersen+Suggested+Problems+-+Part+4 - 17(b:i 105(b i c ii...

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Pedersen Exam Booklet for Chem 3A Suggested Problems – Part 4 A few details to note about the assigned problems: Separate subjects are listed under different headings in italics . Under the headings, you will find the notation X(Y). X refers to the page number at the bottom middle of the page in the booklet, while the Y refers to the problem on that page. If there is just a single page number listed, then attempt all problems on that page. E2 Reactions 19(c), 115(a,b), 119, 144(c: i,ii), 146(b), 149(a), 176(d), 181(c), 182(c), 202(c), 203(a,b), 206(a), 208(b,c,d), 239(b), 245(a), 264(a), 265(c), 275(b,g), 289(a), 290(b), 315(a), 317(b), 320(d). Alcohol Nomenclature and Acidity/Basicity
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Unformatted text preview: 17(b:i), 105(b: i; c: ii), 115(g), 155(e), 160(o), 174(b), 179(b), 201(b: i,iii), 237(b: ii), 245(g), 246(m), 247(c), 259(b: i,iii; c: i), 276(p), 287(b: i,ii; c: i), 314(b: ii), 315(b), 321(b), 343(a). Reduction of Aldehydes and Ketones; Oxidation of Alcohols; Organometallic Reagents 19(d), 27(a), 29(b,d), 37(e: i), 66(a,b), 106(a,b), 107(b), 114(d: i), 145(a,c), 146(a), 176(b,c), 177(a,b), 210(a,b,d), 213(a), 238(a,b), 240(a), 243(a: i), 260(a,b,c), 261(a), 262(b), 266(g), 276(l), 287(c: ii,iii), 289(b,c), 293(d), 295(a,c,d), 297(b), 304(c: i), 323(b), 324(b), 336(a,b), 342(e: i,iii). Carbocation Rearrangements 35, 69(b), 109(b), 189(b), 217(e), 271(b), 339(a)....
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